Thursday, May 22, 2008


Being interested in the etymology of words comes with being an English major, I guess. Or, maybe not. I'm sure my brothers would just argue it as proof of my being a class "A" nerd, geek or bookworm. I'll just blame it on my dad, seeing as how Bible students are required to research the true meaning of words in attempt to fully understand the writings in the Bible. Yep, blame it on the parents. Hey, if that's the worst I can blame on them, they must have done pretty well. I shudder to think what my kids will blame on me.

But, back to my point... the etymology of words, or rather one word in particular - "blog." It has become an everyday word in our language, or at least it is for the under 25 crowd, and I'm finally catching up to those young 'uns. Apparently, everyone is doing it. Typing away, describing, detailing, photographing their lives all for a cyberspace audience. In my case, I hope it is not for a creepy, voyeuristic type cyberspace audience, but more of the cozy, nice grandma, nana, papa and friend type audience.

What I can't figure out is where in the world they (whoever they are) came up with the word "blog." OK, I get the "log" portion of the word - the whole describing, detailing aspect. But what about the "b"? What does it stand for? I'm sure it something totally obvious about which I will be utterly humiliated when it is pointed out to me. But, right now, I just can't figure it out. Does the B stand for boring (that's telling, eh?), benign, baby, budding, brainless, etc.???

So, anyway, whatever the word actually means, I have decided to start a blog and become a "blogger" (a boring logger?).

Hopefully, I'll mostly be keeping track of all the crazy things my kids do and say. I know the grandparents will appreciate this at the very least. And hopefully my audience, whoever you are, won't find it too...boring.

Here are some pics from Easter:

A recent "photo shoot"

Yes, that's snot under his nose, but it's still a cute picture!

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Travis Johnson said...

Hey Naomi! It's Kelly (Webb) Johnson. So glad I found your blog! Care if I link you to mine? That is the only way I can keep up with my blogging friends! Email me:

-Kelly (using Travis' sign in - sorry our blog loggin is messed up)