Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am now the mother of a first grader . . .

And, frankly, I don't care for it one little bit.

But, apparently, Claire couldn't care less about my sentiment because she is bound and determined to keep growing up whether I like it or not - which I don't, just in case you were unclear.

She had a great, great year, great class, great students, and really wonderful teachers.

She was excited to start her summer and was very excited on that final happy day of Kindergarten.

<----First Day

Last Day -------->

That morning - Thursday - her school held the annual Awards Ceremony for students. Claire was grouped in with all the other kindergarteners, first and second graders in the school.

She was recognized for completing her reading homework all year long.

She was also called up and recognized for her work in math that year. The school was involved in a computer-based program this year, and Claire, along with 2 other boys in her class were the ONLY kindergarters in the entire school to receive recognition for their excellence in the program. To say we are proud of her is a sorry understatement. I felt like my heart was going to come flying out of my chest. I was so happy for her.

See her? She just to the left of the teacher and has scary demon-eyes!

She's on the left of the bottom row. The two boys next to her were the other kindergarteners that was rewarded. The kids behind her are first graders and behind them are the second graders.

Claire's class did so well in this program, they were recognized as placing 17th in the ENTIRE state of North Carolina!!

Claire was also awarded an Excellence in Art certificate, along with quite a few of her fellow students.

She's in the second row from the bottom, second from the right.

We are all so proud of her, including her little brother who was tired of me taking pictures of his sister, so he asked me to take one of him.
I obliged and managed to also include capturing me telling him to "shush!"

On her way out of the auditorium.

Back in her classroom.

Her teacher gave her another award for reading over 300 books during the school year.

Showing off her awards.

Her teacher, Mrs. Boles

Teacher's Assistant, Mrs. Matthews.

She's excited to be a first grader, for sure, but apparently I'm not the only one who is sad to see time go by so quickly.

Someone's eyes were just a little wet when she got into the car that afternoon too.

Don't tell her I told you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wrapping Up Scouts

This Tuesday, Claire had her final Daisy Scout meeting of the year. The girls worked hard all year to learn the characteristics of the Girl Scout Law, and they were rewarded this meeting by earning 4 more Daisy Petal Patches.

Three of the other girls in her troop go to her school but are in different classes, and one little girl goes to a different school altogether. So, it was nice for Claire to make friends with people she wouldn't have otherwise. They all ended up very close.

Showing off her new patches for learning about being: Courageous and Strong; Responsible for What I Say and Do; Respectful of Authority; and Kind and Considerate.

Each Daisy meeting always ended with a circle where each girl would close her eyes and make a wish and then squeeze the hand of the girl next to her. When the wishes made a complete rotation, they would say, "Goodnight, Girl Scouts" and spin to face the outside of the circle while keeping their hands connected. Tonight's circle included 2 new girls who are planning to join the troop next year.

Claire really had a great time this year, and I'm happy about what she is learning and the friends she is making.

However, she is currently trying to decided between doing Daisy Scouts again next year or trying something new.

The two current options are soccer and karate.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Field Day (otherwise known as "exhaustion 101")

This Monday marked the first day of Claire's final week as a Kindergartner. And what better way to celebrate the occasion than . . . FIELD DAY!! (Actually, I can think of several ways to celebrate this occasion that would have been much less exhausting and far more celebratory, but I'm guessing a warm bath and a good book wouldn't have really "flown" with the kiddies.)

I remember looking forward to field day all year when I was in grade school. It was the highlight of the year for my competitive self. In fact, I can tell you that the very first year I participated in a field day was in the 4th grade. I was on the white team - which, as everyone knows, is bad news because the white team NEVER wins the competitions. Victory is ALWAYS reserved for the blue team who is every so often kicked out of first place by the red team. I mean, when you think of victory, do YOU think of white? Nope, me neither. The white team, as was the case that year, won 3rd.

So, I was actually looking forward to Claire's field day, ready to cheer her team on to victory. I was looking forward to it, that is, until I realized that standing for 2 hours in the blazing heat in the middle of a soccer field while trying to entertain a very bored, hot, and tired 3-year-old while attempting to snap memorable pictures of my daughter rates right up there with teeth drilling and bathtub scrubbing.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the morning.

So, I think it only fair to exhaust you with an excessive amount of pictures.

Hooray for Field Day!!

The day included:

sack racing . . .

lining up for relays . . .

intense concentration . . .

log rolling . . .

hay bale jumping . . .

running . . .

kicking . . .

plunger torch bearing . . .

jump roping . . .

crazy dressing . . .

posing with best buddies . . .

ball chasing . . .

parachuting (with the help of one very excited little brother) . . .

toe fishing (yes, how disgusting is that??!)

big ball rolling . . .

little brother distracting . . .

hula hooping . . .

mom hugging . . .

And finally . . .

Finally . . .

Some relaxation.

I'm pooped all over again just thinking about it.
But, my girl had a blast, and that's all that matters.