Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Birthdays

Shawn's birthday was on Tuesday. And, yes, he is younger than I. This usually doesn't bother me (too much), but he tends to rub my nose in the fact for the four months between our birthdays. So, I was glad that the day finally came, and I was not the only one.

Claire celebrates everything she possibly can, and birthdays rank high on the celebratory list. She was gearing up for Shawn's birthday for weeks. She took it upon herself to organize what we were giving him and what kind of cake he wanted. After asking him what kind of cake he wanted, she hinted (rather obviously) that she thought a pink strawberry cake would be nice. His cake narrowly avoided having pink icing on it too. She was thoroughly convinced that daddy wouldn't mind having pink icing, really, he wouldn't, but she was finally content in the knowledge that pink cake and pink candles were quite enough.

Claire insisted on "helping" Dad blow out the candles.

This video is of Claire saying "Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you." However, it cuts out the first bit for some reason.

The other family birthday this week was my brother, Jesse's, on Friday. My little (quite HUGE actually) brother turned the big 30! There is nothing like your younger siblings getting older to make you feel old too. I still have quite vivid memories of throwing him around and "beating him up" while in my Wonder Woman Under Roos. Those years when I actually could throw him around were very short. He soon had reinforcements (Seth and Zach), and I was often the victim of many attacks. Most vivid in my memory are the times when Jesse would sit on my stomach, Seth would hold my arms, and Zach would lie across my legs while Jesse would dribble spit into my screaming face. Ah, fun times. Let's just say, I was well repaid for the Wonder Woman days.

Happy Birthday little brother.


The Fab 4 said...

Happy birthday, Shawn! And...real men have pink cakes. Way to go.


Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

I love the video! Your kids are cuties!!

Kelly said...

Wow, It's so hard to believe that Jesse is 30! That really does make you feel old. Cute video. Someday hopefully I'll figure that out too! *_*