Monday, November 3, 2008

Claire's Birthday - Part 1

Claire's actual birthday isn't until the 5th of November, but she had her party this past weekend at Chucky Cheese's. Yes, you read that correctly, Chucky (parent's nightmare/kid's utopia) Cheese's. Our last Chucky adventure occurred on her 3rd birthday, just after Ben was born. I was an exhausted mom who could not fathom the thought of planning and hosting a party, so we had her party there. She was too little, terrified of the ginormous moving mouse with the freakishly large head, and could hardly reach most of the games. This time, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We invited about 12 children, and 4 showed up. I promised myself I wouldn't get worked up over the whole RSVP thing in this blog post, but I'm tempted to anyway. Apparently, there are still people out there who do not understand the concept. It really irks me (REALLY irks me), especially when reservations are concerned, but Claire had a good time, so I guess that's what really matters. But, seriously, how hard is it really to email or call someone to let them know if you can come or not? Argh..... ok, I'm moving on.

Here are some pictures taken at the party.
Alicia, Ethan, Claire and Alex

Enjoying the Show

Ben had a great time playing games and eating pizza and cake

Notice Ben's hand trying to get some cake with his fork.

She's not 5 quite yet, but is fully comfortable with celebrating her birthday for at least a week. She has a party at school on Wednesday morning and our family party at home that night.

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Kelly said...

I can't believe she is five already! The time goes by so fast. Now I understand why our parents had a hard time seeing us as adults. You just can't believe your baby grew up so fast! I'm with the on the RSVP crap! Come on people!!! But I've been bad about replying myself so I guess we all need a kick and some grace.