Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Fun

Shawn has pretty much guaranteed that any man in Claire's later life will have a hard time measuring up when it comes to Valentine's Day. Friday night, he came home from work with a dozen red roses for me, and three pink roses for Claire. As you can see, she was thrilled.

Saturday morning, Shawn handed out the rest of the Valentine's gifts. Both kids got cards from us and cards from Grandma. Ben was fascinated with his Thomas the Train card that whistled when he opened it. Claire got a small heart-shaped box of chocolate, and Ben got brand new Lightening McQueen pj's. He just saw Cars for the first time last week, so it was the perfect gift for him.
Here's a short video from the morning. They all think that I'm just trying to take a picture.

Here is Claire showing the camera her Valentine card from Grandma. It included stickers she could use to dress up the princess on the front cover.

The icing on the cake was Saturday night when Shawn took Claire to the Children's Museum's "Daddy Daughter Dance." They went to this dance last year, and Claire had such a good time that she was asking me about it right after Christmas. She begged to wear her "pink princess dress" without tights, and since it was fairly warm outside, she got to do just that. The night included museum admission, dinner, crafts, and dancing.

While Claire and Shawn were dancing the night away, Ben and I had our own "date." His dinner choice was Taco Bell, so after eating our tacos, we spent the night eating Valentine suckers and watching Thomas the Train videos. He was perfectly content. You'll notice that he's still wearing his pj's from the morning. He refused to take them off all day.

Claire was what can only be described as "smug" about the fact that Shawn took her and not me on a date for Valentine's day. I'm still holding out hope that my date will come soon. (hint, hint!)


Andrea said...

i love the black and white pic of Claire and Shawn. that is adorable, that's a framer for sure. so sweet! can't wait to see you next weekend.

The Fab 4 said...

"Framer" in Andrea speak really means "worthy to be blown up 10X." I agree, though, it was a gorgeous pic. I love the dance, too, and a date with Ben. The things life is made of for sure.