Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Zoo

Last weekend we took advantage of the rare (these days anyway) but beautiful weather and took a trip to the zoo. The last time we went, Claire was Ben's age, so she doesn't remember it at all, and Ben was but a fetus. They both really enjoyed themselves, and didn't seemed too phased by the over 4 miles we probably ended up walking.

It's a great zoo because all of the animals are in very natural environments. Well, it's great for the animals, but not always great for the humans who may or may not get to see an animal that day. Because the habitats are so large and so spread out, animals can really distance themselves from the viewing areas. We got lucky with the elephants, however. They were right up close.

This giraffe is supposedly one of the oldest female giraffes in the world.


Great picture of Shawn, right? HA!

At the zoo playground

She was determined to climb this rock and was very proud of her accomplishment. (don't tell, but she just walked around to the back side and climbed up about a foot.)

Girls wore hats

Eating ice cream (with sprinkles!) with grandma, arguably the highlight of the trip for her.

"Hi mom, I finally settled on riding the dolphin since it was the only animal that didn't have scary teeth."

Fun day!

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