Monday, June 15, 2009

The Big Boy Bed DeBacle

This past week, we finally decided to bite the bullet and try moving Ben out of his crib into a "big boy bed." He's been asking to do this for weeks now ever since he spied the extra bed stored in the garage. We had hopes of using the big boy bed as a bribe to encourage potty training, but that had no effect whatsoever. This kid simply does not see the attraction of stopping his play to go, pull down his pants, and sit on a potty when he could simply pee on the fly and keep playing. Really, who can blame him? Diapers these days are so effective that I doubt he even really feels that wet. I am still looking for the ultimate tool (bribe) to help encourage him in this area. Even M&M's aren't attractive enough.
Anywho, back to the bed. So we set up the bed, and Ben is nearly jumping out of his skin in excitement. Last Sunday night was initiation night. It went fairly well. He never got out of his bed, but despite the bed being against a wall and having a long bed rail, he still managed to find a way to fall out of the bed in the middle of the night - right off the end of the bed!
Since then nap times and bedtimes have gone something like this:
  1. Figures out he can get out of bed and just play but is too loud with his toys, so Mom and Dad hear him.
  2. Figures out how to sneak out of bed and QUIETLY get toys and bring them back to his bed. Mom and Dad don't clue in for awhile.
  3. Mom and Dad threaten to put him back in crib.
  4. Finally goes to sleep each night after it's dark enough outside he can no longer see his toys beckoning to him.
  5. Mom finds him sleeping in his bed among various toys each night when she checks on him before she goes to bed. Last night it was a Thomas the Train push toy and an Elmo book.
  6. Ends up getting put back in crib during nap time everyday but one this past week. Today even stood up when I came into his room (after he got out several times) and simply said, "Mommy put Big Doggy (his favorite stuffed animal) in the crib with me." The stinker didn't even fight it.
  7. Has now figured that we won't get too angry if he gets out of the bed and says, "I have to go pee-pee." After being threatened with a spanking if he is lying about said pee-pee, he is usually able to manage squeezing out a few drops.
Who knows where we'll go from here. I am, once again, floored by just how different he and his sister are. She never once tried getting out of her bed and to this day will ask before getting out of bed when she wakes up.
I know, I know . . . it's payback.
Look at the happy boy! Don't let that innocent smile fool you. He is already plotting his escape.
Notice the crib that is still in his room. We were hoping this would be temporary, just for a few days. After the last week, I'm optimistically thinking we'll be able to take it down around, say Christmas?


For the record, I am very much aware of the not-so-masculine bedding. Shawn and I are currently at war regarding what type of bedding he should have. I'm all for a nice quilt type comforter with darker colors, something that he can use for many years to come. Shawn is arguing the necessity of a sports or truck-themed ensemble. I'm currently pretending as though I'm considering other options, so in the meantime, Ben has to make do with this comforter. He doesn't seem to mind.

p.s. As I'm typing this, Ben just came out of his room and said, "I just had a lot of sneezeses." Oh, of course. That's the perfect reason for getting out of bed. Never mind the fact that you haven't sneezed one single time.
Well, got to give him credit for at least coming up with something new.


mstum said...

Oh boy! I was seriously thinking about getting the big boy bed out of the basement, but maybe I just won't!

Kelly said...

Well my dear, what you have is "The Second Child" shock. I too have been there and experienced everything in this post almost word for word.
There is just something extra God gives those second babies.
I still believe that if you only have one child, you are not really a parent. The first ones are just too easy.

The Fab 4 said...

Well Dosen promptly crawled in Luke's bottom bunk after bath tonight & said, "night night... now go." He's still in there, but who knows what will happen???