Thursday, September 3, 2009

This One Made me Smile

Because I blog, I like to read other people's blogs, not just to show them support, but, man oh man, are there ever some funny people out there.

Shawn has yet to figure out why in the world I am at all interested in the lives of people I have never met. Really, I'm not quite sure myself, but it sure is entertaining. One blog in particular is on my list of "must reads" each day. Melanie or "Big Mama" blogs about her life but does so in such a way as to make me wish I knew her or, at the very least, that my life was nearly as hilarious as hers.

Today's post made me smile. And laugh. And chuckle.

It also made me wonder if buying Claire a pink gun might be a good idea.

I'm considering.

You can read/view it here.

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