Monday, October 18, 2010

The Race

I run.

Okay, let's rephrase that.

I jog. Slowly trot. Move somewhat faster than a walk.

I do this for exercise, mainly because it's fast, and it doesn't require a fitness club or Y membership. Generally I get up before Shawn leaves for work in the morning to get my run in, and I feel great knowing that I have exercised for the day.

I've been doing this now for over a year, and while I enjoy it (to some degree), I have never considered myself a "runner" and have really never had a desire to run in races. Although, I will say that somewhere in the back of my mind I think it would be really neat to run a half-marathon

Well, about 2 months ago, I finally convinced Shawn that he needed to start exercising. He's always been super skinny, and weight has never been an issue for him (blast him!), but he's just recently noticed some of his pants getting a little bit more snug. (HA!) So, he decided to start running.

Of course, not more than a few weeks into it, he tells me we need to run a race. It must be a man thing. To run was simply not enough. There needed to be a competition.

I agreed, the only stipulation being that he run with me.

And so . . . we raced.

Here we are about 2 minutes after I finished. Yes, I said I finished. Shawn's promise to stay with me lasted all of about 2 minutes.

Official 5K (3.1 miles) times:

Shawn - 25.17 minutes
Me - 28.47 minutes

Now that we have a race under our belts, I'm happy.

Shawn, on the other hand, has already scoped out 2 more races for us to run before Christmas.

I've created a monster.

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