Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Girl Has a Birthday (which also means she grows up. Boo!).

So, something happened the other day.

And, I'm not really thrilled about it.

Someone else, on the hand, couldn't wait for it.

Apparently, she's dead set on growing up.

Little stinker refuses to listen to every argument I present encouraging her to stay little enough for me to snuggle forever. And she absolutely refuses to turn back into a little baby so I can sniff the top of her head and gnaw on her cheeks.

Why is this, I wonder? I mean, my arguments make perfect sense to me!

Seven candles, people! 7!!

There was no nostalgia for my girl. She was all about celebrating her birthday with some of her special friends . . .

her dad, her brother, and . . . and a horse (of course!)

at the place that all little kid's call "heaven" and all parents call . . . well, you know.

That's right.

It was . . .

Chuck E. Cheese's!

"Where a kid can be a kid . . . and some freaky, large-headed mouse makes you wear a silly blow-up crown in front of all your best friends!"


She had a blast though, and so did all of her friends.

Her little brother and her dad did too.

I forgot to ask the horse.

Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to reconcile myself with this getting older business. Apparently, she's going to do it, no matter what I say.

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