Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ben's First Sentence

Ok, so it's not really his first sentence, as, technically speaking, "Hush, Libby" counts, but this was the first "long" sentence that I've heard him use. And, well, it was . . . perfect.

If you know me at all, you know that I hate the mornings. My college roomates still joke about how I wouldn't speak for the first hour after waking up. I hate getting up, would sleep well into the day if I could. This has been an impossibility since having children, of course, but I still relish those mornings when the kids sleep in a bit.

If you know Ben at all, you know that he is not the best sleeper. Whenever he is uncomfortable, his sleep is the first thing affected. This, of course, made for a really LONG first year during the height of his reflux. Now he does fairly well, but when he's teething, he's a mess. He teethes incredibly slowly, and right now he is working on all four eye-teeth, the supposed "worst" teeth to teethe. Thus, he has been taking forever to fall asleep at naptime (sometimes not napping at all) and has been getting up at first light which, in the summer, is REALLY early.

So, this morning, after hearing him waking at 6:20, I rolled over and prayed he would go back to sleep. I don't think he ever really did, but he quieted down enough for me to fall back asleep. The quiet lasted for about 45 more minutes until I heard him yell:

"Mommy, wake up right NOW!"

I think he was ready for me to get him out of his crib.


Ashley Self said...

I love that! Oh... the days of sleep!

Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

Hey girl! I found your blog on Kelly Johnson's blog. Your kids are adorable. I'm so glad you and your fam are doing well.

mstum said...

Just wondering which end of the bed you were sleeping at since that has always been an issue for Sister Dreamy Pants.

Travis Johnson said...

I keep telling myself that there will come a day when I actually have to drag them out of bed. Then I will miss the days of them being small... MAYBE.