Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Children's Museum

We have a really neat Children's Museum in town. However, it isn't really close to us nor is it reasonably priced, so we really don't get to go too often. Nevertheless, the other day, Claire announced that she wanted to go to the museum on Saturday. It's not too often that we give in to our children's every whim and desire, but in this case we did. Ben has been there before, but he was too young to really remember it or to really even enjoy it. This time, however, was another story. He had a wonderful time, cried when we had to leave, and was asking to go back the next weekend.

Super proud grocery shoppers. This had to be their most favorite attraction. (just wait, little ones. The attractive hypnotic gleam of the shiny grocery cart will soon fade - like right about the time you actually have to pay money for all that food you put in the cart and then do it all over again the next week.)
Ben also had a ton of fun "fishing." I think his Papa needs to plan a summer fishing trip.

Remember Lincoln Logs? Meet the giant Styrofoam version. They look pretty proud of their house, eh?

Isn't he a cute little doughnut maker?

Quick, the "Hot Now" sign is on!!

5 year-old on the half shell. HA!

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Kelly said...

I remember being little and wanting so badly to do the laundry or when my mom came home from the grocery store I would pretend that I just bought all the groceries and now had the honor to put them away. Oh, to be young again. I probably thought cleaning the bathroom was really exciting too.