Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yes, dear readers of the North, you of the frostbitten toes and snow shovel-strained backs, this, this paltry sprinkling of white stuff is what passes for snow in the South. This meager showing of Mother Nature was enough to close down the schools, send people panicking to the store to stock up on break and milk (I don't get the bread and milk thing. Is that all you eat when it snows?), and keep people home from work - apart from the owner, Shawn was the only one to show up at his job.

Disgusted as I was by the snow, or lack thereof, the kids were thrilled by it. They were begging all morning to go out and play in it. I kept stalling because, I mean really, what all can you do to play in this??? Well, they did their best. Most of the time was spent trying to scape together enough snow to make a snowball. I finally accomplished one about the size of a ping pong ball.

"Look Mom, snow angel!"
"What do you mean you can't tell I made a snow angel?"

Love this one

Love this one too - well, except for the river of snot pouring out of Ben's nose. Please excuse.

How cute is he in his Paddington Bear coat?

Happy snow kids

This video is of Ben making "snow piles" and telling me from where he thinks snow comes.

Snow from the moon. Makes perfect sense to me.
The snow was completely gone about an hour later. Here's praying that we get a more substantial snow next time!


The Fab 4 said...

You are a blogging machine today, Homer. Our schools closed for two days because it was really cold. True story.

Oh, and I DO love the Paddington Bear coat!

Kelly said...

That is exactly what snow looks like here. More like dust than snow but the kids enjoy it. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Love the pics of you and Claire and you and Ben. Frames!?