Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The (Not So) Fun Girls' Trip

Spending time with the old college roommates is always on the top of my "favorite things to do" list. It's not as easy for us to all get together anymore, what with 11 1/2 kids among us, varying work schedules, etc., but we do try to see each other at least once a year. This long weekend trip to Pigeon Forge, TN. was actually planned last fall, and I think we've all been anxiously awaiting it.

I was totally geared up for a great weekend, that is until Ben threw up all over the table Wednesday night (the day before I was to leave). Terrified that the dreaded springtime stomach virus had arrived at our house, we disinfected like crazy and prayed that it was just a fluke. Lucky us, it was. Problem was, Claire woke up the next morning with a cough and a slight fever. I didn't really think anything of it, as she seemed ok. But she started to feel worse and worse as the day continued. Still determined to make my trip and fairly certain that Claire just had a cold, I left as planned Thursday night. All was well (apart from having to wait in the parking lot of Kroger for about 45 min. - thanks, late girls!), until Friday morning when Shawn called me to say that Claire's fever was over 102 degrees and he was taking her to the doctor. I started to worry. Can't help it; it's who I am. Come to find out, Claire had the flu (thanks, worthless flu shot!), and now Shawn had to drag a very sick Claire and a fussy, tired Ben all around town trying to get her prescriptions filled, get the kids lunch and into bed.

So, while he was dealing with that, I was doing my best to focus on my time with my friends and not worry too much. It didn't really work, but we did have a good time shopping and eating out in restaurants - events that don't occur too often for any of us anymore.

These were taken at the restaurant Friday night, after a day of shopping, so we all look a little wiped.

Friday night was Fondue Night - Yum! - You'll notice Andrea on her cell phone in this picture. Actually, this was a fairly common look for all of us that weekend - checking in with the husbands and kids while we were away.

Merica - really happy about that Fondue! (Notice Andrea in the background. She's "texting." Apparently, I am like soooo totally uncool because I don't text. It is the "in" way to communicate in Cleveland.)

Despite having so much fun with the girls, I was still feeling like I needed to be at home, and I think I probably should have listened to my conscience. I woke up Saturday morning not feeling quite right and continued to feel worse as the day went on. By that night, I was miserable.

This picture was taken Saturday morning at the cabin. Oh, I forgot to mention that the cabin was wonderful - apart from a non-reachable fire alarm that needed its battery changed and thus would squawk about every 45 seconds or so. It made sleeping interesting, to say the least.
In the movie theater. Yes, we dorks actually took pictures in the theater. Actually, I think this is a great one of them.

And Saturday night at dinner - Sorry, Andrea, just had to include it.

Notice there are no pictures of me and Rachel that night because she was sitting next to me, and I was leaning against the wall of the booth, doing my best not to slide under the table. Not fun.
Anyway, all in all, it was a good trip, and I was happy to spend time with my friends. However, next trip we plan will most definitely be scheduled nowhere near flu season (or stomach virus season - Rachel's son came down with that while we were gone too). I'm sure all the husbands would agree that this is a good idea too.


The Fab 4 said...

It's funny to read everyone's perspective on the exact same 3 day event. Nice recap, though, Homer. Your pics were way better than mine.

Andrea said...

Yep, N's pics were the best. Thanks for including the one where everyone can count exactly how many teeth I actually have in my mouth. Oh well, my fault for being a dork...proud of it. Cute post, like it.

Kelly said...

I've been waiting for the recap of the girl's weekend. Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you are feeling better now.
I'm glad you have such great friends! Fun! Fun! Fun!