Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Real SNOW!!!

Yes, it actually happened. We got real, measurable amounts of snow. So what if it took until March to happen? We were totally thrilled, and the kids couldn't wait to get out in it. We never actually took an official measurement, but Shawn estimated that we had about 7 inches on the ground. That's the most snow that we've had in this area in over 5 years, and more snow than either of my kids has ever seen.

I, unfortunately, was in the midst of my battle with the flu and could barely lift my head off the pillow, so it was totally up to Shawn to take the kids outside (and take the pictures).
What you may not notice at first glance in this picture is what the kids have on their feet. Welcome to the South, where it never really snows, so parents don't invest in snow boots. Thus, when, defying all odds, it actually does snow, parents are required to improvise. What you see on my children's feet are tennis shoes that have been covered in plastic bags which are then taped to their legs - I'm not lying. Go on, laugh it up.

A real snow angel! WooHoo!!

Ben had a hard time staying on his feet. It's hard work when your legs are only about 5 inches longer than the snow you are walking through!

Here are a couple videos taken that day too.

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Kelly said...

My kids would have loved that!!! I understand completely about the boots. Seriously, why pay money for something you won't use! Sadly, my girls don't even have gloves. Last time it really snowed here Isabelle was maybe two and I put socks on her hands! ha
Love the idea about the plastic bags. I didn't think to do that. Good one!