Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have two huge oak trees that border our back property line. I love these trees. They are the tallest trees in the neighborhood, and it's nice having that little bit of shade in the yard when the rest of it is so bare. However, come fall, the wind whips through our neighborhood, and our yard is filled with leaves. I'm fairly certain that we are one of maybe two people in the whole neighborhood who have to rake the leaves in the yard, but there is no getting around it for us. It's a HUGE job, one that Shawn hates.

But, the kids LOVE IT!

There's nothing like running and jumping in a pile of crisp, crackly leaves.

Burrowing under them, lying back and enjoying the beautiful blue sky.

Getting bits of leaf stuck in your nose and mouth, down your shirt, and in your shoes.
Pure kid bliss.

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