Friday, March 26, 2010

Old BenDonald Had a Farm

We went on a field trip with our toddler/preschool group from church earlier this week to a nearby working farm.

It was arguably the highlight of Ben's short 3-year life to date. Actually, there's not really anything to argue. He had a ball and has been repeatedly asking to go back all week.

The farm has been in the same family for over 100 years, and the current farmers still live in the original farm house.

They met us in authentic dress, allowed us to tromp through their home, fed us honey from their hives, and brought out a bevy of animals to be accosted by the children. They get two thumbs up, for sure.

At first, Ben was far more intrigued by the rope/post "fence" they had rigged to keep the masses at bay. And, please notice the rain boots. Several times that morning I heard, "but mommy, I need to jump in that mud puddle because I have my boots on."

I'm trying to decide if now is the right time to discuss the difference between "need" and "want." Although for him, I'm guessing they are pretty much synonymous.

Ever let a bee walk on your hand?

This isn't my hand in the picture. I know you are totally freaking out that the kids are this close, but this bee was sans stinger, so all was safe.

Ben petting the baby bunny.

I was a bit horrified at the thought of the kids petting a rooster. I mean, just look at those feet! Nasty . . . and clawey (I know it's not a word, but it should be). I was surprised though. Most of the kids walked right up to pet him.

Not my son. He waited for the Hen to be brought out. He's no dumby.

The pony!

The goats eating the corn the kids got to put in the troughs.

And, just because I couldn't resist taking a picture of it, I had to include this one.

One kid desperately trying to latch on and get some of his momma's milk. What you can't really see in this picture is his twin doing the same thing on the other side of her.

As a former nursing mother, I understood the look on her face:

Patience and love with a little resignation added in. :-)

On the hayride!

This boy was having some fun. This whole ride I kept hearing him say, "this is so much fun. I'm having so much fun."

"That's right, mister. That sign applies to you too."

We were just a few feet away from these big guys (girls? I don't really know). I think this one is giving me the eye.

This one too. Back off, lady. This here's my turf.

It really was a great day. A perfect outing for my little guy and a good memory for the both of us.

And to top it off. We came home with these:

And Ben insisted that I fix him one for lunch.

After I washed off the chicken poop, that is.

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Anonymous said...

what fun! Nice to have such a good memory!