Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Patches and Eggs

Claire's Daisy Scout Troop had a patch ceremony last week, and the girls all received the patches they had been working to earn for the last few months.

This first patch was for all of them going to the circus. It's not an official Girl Scout patch, but still fun. She'll add it to the back of her pinafore.

Then, she got her patch for selling cookies this year. I'm not sure what she's doing with her face here. My child is weird. What can I say?

Her "First Cookie Sale" pin.

And her 2 Daisy petals for completing her work on 2 of the attributes of the Girl Scout Law. The blue and yellow represent "Honest and Fair" and "Kind and Considerate."

This is a video of the girls singing a Daisy Song, "Make New Friends." I only caught the last verse, but then we all sing it with them again. Please excuse my singing voice!

Little brother was a special guest at the ceremony.

And afterwards, the kids ran outside and scattered all over the hill for an . . .

Egg Hunt!

"Son, where are your eggs?"
"I'm all done with that, mommy. I dumped them out."

Claire scored.

Happy family enjoying the day and celebrating Claire's hard work!

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