Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's hard to believe that Ben's first year of preschool is nearly over, just a few more months, and summer vacation will be here. Crazy.

And while all that time keeps flying by, Ben keeps growing up.

In fact, he has his whole life already planned out. He informed me the other day that his chosen profession is to be a "karate train conductor who also owns children."

What do you mean that you want to own children?

Well, mommy, you know those children who don't have mommies and daddies? Those kids can just come live with me.

Adoption/own children. Of course. Why didn't I realize that's what he meant?

While the phrasing of his heart's desire wasn't exactly stated in a politically, socially or morally correct way, it's still pretty sweet.

He loves preschool though, and loves when I come to help out.
This was the menu for his Valentine's/pajama party. Yummo!
He was only slightly excited. Can you tell?

But then again, the rest of the kids were a little excited too.

He's come a long way this year, learning so much, both academically and socially and we owe a lot of that to his sweet teachers.

Ms. Judy LOVES those kids, and they adore her right back.

They enjoyed a little Valentine heart candy bingo.

A much better use of those candies than actually eating those nasty things!

He has made some great friends, but one of his biggest achievements this year thus far is finally learning to write his name.
I understand that most 4 year olds have been writing their names for a while now, but Ben had absolutely NO interest in even attempting to learn.
But now he can. This letter came in the mail for me this week.
It makes my heart explode with love too.

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