Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Claire's song and dance

Someone around here thinks she's all grown up.

She stopped sucking her thumb after 7+ years of it just this month. The dentist is thrilled. Me? I'm a little sad.

She's now in a 2nd grade reading group.

She has her life all planned out. Her goal is to be either a teacher, a scientist, or an artist. (go scientist, go scientist!)

Where's my baby? Waaaaaaah!

Last night we had the privilege of seeing her perform in her school choral concert.

Here are a few clips for you to enjoy:

Here are my thoughts on the evening (in case you cared one little bit):

  1. Thank you Lord that it was only 1 class performing this year. Memories of last year's 2-grade-performance still give me the vapours.

  2. The singing and speaking abilities improve with age. The song choices, however, do not.
  3. Parents who don't bring their children to a school recital when their children have solos or speaking parts should receive some sort of punishment.

  4. I never want to be a grade school music teacher (see #3)
  5. My daughter is a Glockenspiel extraordinaire (a real-world skill, no doubt).

  6. My daughter likes to make sure all the other kids do it right.

  7. Second grade dances look an awful lot like the "hokey pokey."

  8. Yes, I know that Claire isn't in the last movie clip. That little boy was SO DARN CUTE. I had to include it.

On the way home last night, Claire informed us that she "loved doing that and wished it (the recital) weren't over."

If she could figure out a way to be a teacher/scientist/artist/stage performer, we'd be set.

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Kelly said...

They just grow up so darn fast! She did a great job. I'm sure you are proud!