Monday, July 13, 2009

And it begins

It's been over a week since our trip to Ohio, so I guess I'm about right on my schedule to finally start posting some of the pictures. I think I'll start posting them by a few days at a time. Actually, this post only includes pictures from our second day there. Monday was spent at grandma's house, playing in the pool and eating far too much. We also got to see Papaw and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Allison. However, smart Naomi forgot her camera that day, so I have no pictures to prove it.

These pictures are from our second day in Ohio when my dad (Papa Bill) and SueAnne took us to visit Entertrainment (no, I didn't misspell it), the largest model train display and museum in the country. I know, I know... model trains. You can almost see the nerdiness through the computer screen. But, despite my desire to grab the nearest pocket protector and suspenders, it was actually a pretty interesting exhibit. I've already detailed Ben's train adoration, so this was just perfect for him. The display was pretty amazing, and the museum included a large play area - largely dedicated to Thomas - for the kids. Grandma, Seth, Jesse, Zeke and Kayli also joined us, and I think everyone really had a great time.

This is a pretty sad picture, but it's the only one I took of the trains themselves. The display was enormous, so getting it all in would have been impossible. But, I think you can see how detailed it all was.

Shawn pointing out Thomas "puffing down the track" for Ben. Also, notice Jesse in the background of the picture.

What is he doing?

Taking notes?

Talk about a NERD!

What a minute! That's the first time in my life I've been able to call him that.... MUUWAHAHAHAHAAA.

Ok, I'm done laughing. Sorry about that. Just a little sibling issue there.

My formerly pain-in-the-rear brother, who hated my guts, chased me with a knife (true story), and who hated school and all things associated with it, is now working on earning his nursing degree. He is currently enrolled in a Psychology class and had to write a report on child development.

Thus the note taking. Really, I'm quite proud of him . . . but he's still a nerd. :-)

Claire and Kayli

Ben, once again, playing with trains. What's actually interesting about this picture is that Ben woke up this morning with a 100.4 degree fever. It was the first day of a new cold, and he was absolutely miserable. Tylenol and the train museum were enough to soothe his misery. Yea, that's right, I took my sick child, with a fever no less, to a museum so he could infect all the other children. I'm a great mom.

Zeke and Ben riding the train.

Shoveling coal. He did this for forever. I wonder how long "work" will be a fun thing?


Kayli and Claire waiting to ride the trains outside. They had individual trains which were operated by hand pedals. Think paddle boats for the hands.

And, just like those paddle boats that look like so much fun until you are stranded in the middle of the lake and your legs are burning from all that peddling, these trains were hard work! Look at Zeke's face.

"Ugh! This is hard, mom!"

Claire and Kayli taking their turn.

4 happy cousins

The play area also included a huge indoor play area with a rock-climbing wall. Here's Kayli/Spiderwoman.

And Claire, showing her mad climbing skills, still managing to look cute and stylish at the same time.

Not sure which train character this guy is.

Zeke and Ben. They both look a little out of it in this picture. It must be all that Entertrainment excitement.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a video of my nephew Zeke displaying all his funky moves. This kid can swagga!

Whew, that's hilarious. Every time I watch it. Every. Single. Time.

Two of my three "little" brothers - Seth and Jesse - and me. Do you like how we are sitting on the bench, letting the grandparents take care of our kids? That's how we roll, man.

Papa Bill, Jesse, and Seth. Don't ask me what Jesse is doing with his face. Perhaps he is bemoaning his new state of nerdiness? hee, hee.

This along with a lunch trip to Chik-fil-A made for a very good day. The kids had a blast, and the adults enjoyed it too.
Plus, the kids took a SUPER long nap that afternoon. Bonus, for sure.


The Fab 4 said...

So I'm reading your most recent post and Jake walks by to ask what I'm doing. "Reading Homer's blog..."

He says, "Oh, those are pretty birds" (referring to your blog background).

Really, Martha Stewart? I'll let her know. Maybe she can send you the link?

And, your brothers are the largest non-fat humans on the planet. Seriously. Seth and Jesse in particular may not even be human.

Rachel said...

Ok I cannot get over how Seth looks just like your dad. You look really good in that picture of the three of you sitting on the bench.

If it makes you feel better I drug Harper around a convention in Chattanooga just so I could see Stacy London and enjoy a day of shopping in Chattanooga all while she had a fever.