Saturday, July 11, 2009


After the 2-hour drive home from the Tweetsie Railroad, one would expect the two children who had exhausted themselves at the amusement park to be so tired they would have been anxious to take a long afternoon nap.

Not my children.

While Shawn and I were sprawled on the couch, this is what the kids were doing when we got home, courtesy of some 3D glasses they got at the park.

Take 1:

Darn those glasses.

Take 2:

I know, it's probably only funny to us.

For the record, "shake your moneymaker" is a phrase Shawn taught them. I claim no responsibility for that one. It is, however, a phrase which is oddily hilarious when spoken by your 2-year-old son. Not appropriate in the least, but still hilarious. Admit it.

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