Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Humor Me? . . . Please?????

UPDATE: So, we totally lost. I think the little girl that won had about 75 votes or something crazy like that. Oh well. Thanks for all your help though!!

So there is this wonderful local photographer who is having a "Cutest Kids" contest, and the winner gets a free photo session with her.

Now, I'm not suggesting my kids are cuter than yours, but we think they are something special and would love to get some great photos of them. (Lord knows I'm not the best photographer) BUT I AM begging for your vote. Even if you don't think my little ones are the cutest kids, we do, and we would love to win this contest.

If you love me, like me, barely know me, wish you didn't know me, whatever, I'll take your vote if you're willing to give it.

You can vote for each of my kids 2 different ways:

The easiest way is to go directly to Zoe Zen's blog site and leave a comment, voting for my little guys. Claire is #K21 and Benjamin is #K22. I think you would need to leave a separate comment for each of them.

OR, you can go to the Zoe Zen page on Facebook. Then click on their individual photos (they are both on that page at the top right) and leave a "vote" comment.

If you REALLY love me, you can vote both ways and really add to the total.

Please? Please? Please?

(contest ends on May 7th at 9:00 p.m.)


Kelly said...

I voted for them both!! Hope you win!

Naomi said...

Thanks friend!