Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too bad she knows the Tooth Fairy is fake

. . . because this is how Claire came home from school today.

This is one proud little girl.

Here she is to tell you all about it:

Some thoughts on the video:

  1. "Blue carpet," "the measuring"??? Apparently, we are all in Kindergarten and should know exactly what she is talking about.
  2. Could she wave her hands around any more?

  3. No, she is not tattooed. Apparently, coloring with markers at school is a full contact sport.

  4. Do you like how Benjamin felt the need to correct his sister's personal story by reminding her that the tooth, in fact, fell out on her tongue and not just on her mouth like she said? (can you tell he's already heard this story a few times?)

  5. The sweetness of the video is nearly ruined at the end by the gross protrusion of her tongue through the space between her teeth.

  6. Oh well.

While I'm not totally down with all this growing up business (I mean, I feel like she will be packing for college tomorrow), I will say that it's about darn time for that tooth to fall out! It has been loose for months . . . yes, MONTHS!!

My timid, pain-allergic daughter was not at all interested in inflicting self-harm in order to rid herself of said tooth. She waited so long, her permanent tooth is already in appearance.

Yet, she is now revelling in the fact that she can now join the ranks of those kids "who have lost a tooth." This group has a select membership, and she has been able to tell me the names of each of the members all year long.

When she got in the car this afternoon, she very smugly rattled off the names of the those individuals who have yet to gain access to the "lost tooth club" and even proceeded to tell me the names of the poor joes who do not even have a loose tooth yet. Hunh, as if she would even deign to associate herself with that group now. :-)

Anywho, she totally called me out a few months ago about the whole Tooth Fairy business. For some reason a fat man in a flaming red fur suit sliding down a chimney seems way more plausible to her than a little fairy flying into her room and swiping her tooth.

I'm thinking her disbelief is largely due to the fact that I was unable to answer her question about "just what, exactly, does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth?"

Um, er . . . huh.

I got nothing.

But don't you even think for one second that she isn't still expecting to get some cash under her pillow tonight.


Anonymous said...

omg...that is one huge smile on that little girl! Precious!

Sara M. said...

The Tooth Fairy builds a tooth castle out of all those shiny white baby teeth!

Naomi said...

(sigh!), Sara, I totally tried that story. Claire's reaction? Shock, and a bit of disgust. Frankly, can you blame her? Would you like the idea of living in house of other people's teeth?!!