Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wrapping Up Scouts

This Tuesday, Claire had her final Daisy Scout meeting of the year. The girls worked hard all year to learn the characteristics of the Girl Scout Law, and they were rewarded this meeting by earning 4 more Daisy Petal Patches.

Three of the other girls in her troop go to her school but are in different classes, and one little girl goes to a different school altogether. So, it was nice for Claire to make friends with people she wouldn't have otherwise. They all ended up very close.

Showing off her new patches for learning about being: Courageous and Strong; Responsible for What I Say and Do; Respectful of Authority; and Kind and Considerate.

Each Daisy meeting always ended with a circle where each girl would close her eyes and make a wish and then squeeze the hand of the girl next to her. When the wishes made a complete rotation, they would say, "Goodnight, Girl Scouts" and spin to face the outside of the circle while keeping their hands connected. Tonight's circle included 2 new girls who are planning to join the troop next year.

Claire really had a great time this year, and I'm happy about what she is learning and the friends she is making.

However, she is currently trying to decided between doing Daisy Scouts again next year or trying something new.

The two current options are soccer and karate.


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