Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BBB is 4!

Our little man turned 4 this month, and it was a week full of celebrating this all-out-crazy-love you with my whole heart little guy. It's hard to believe he's been in our lives 4 whole years, but I cannot imagine life without him. He makes us laugh every single day, and is the most loving and thoughtful little kid I know.

Biased? Who me?

So the week of fun started with a party at Ben's new preschool. He just started here this year twice a week, and was totally psyched to share his special day with his new buddies.

See what I mean? TOTALLY PSYCHED!

We celebrated with a Cheezits, juice boxes, and a giant cookie cake decorated with a firetruck, ambulance, and fire helicopter.

How fast can I empty this juice box?

I'm, like totally chilled on my juice box and giant cookie sugar rush, man.

Napkin? I don't need a napkin!

No, there aren't only boys in Ben's class . . .

The girls just choose not to associate with them at snack time.

Pretty sure I don't blame them.

Anyway, after daddy got home from work, it was time to open his presents from the family.

Reading cards.

His new Lego firetruck set.

New Thomas the Train DVD.

See, they really do love each other!

Ben's doctor suggested getting him smaller Lego sets to help with his fine motor skills. So we did, thinking the firetruck set would be perfect for the boy who begged for a firetruck birthday.

After emptying the box and opening all the bags, we quickly realized just who would be getting the fine motor skills practice.

It wasn't Ben.

Oh well.

After presents, we ate dinner and had birthday cake. A birthday cake made by mom with the hopes that it somehow resembled the firetruck cake he wanted.
It's not perfect, but I was pleased.

And Little Man was over the moon excited about it.

And that's all that matters.

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