Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Rest of the Summer

After our trip to Ohio, we spent the majority of our summer here:

Where the boy played.

And big sister took swimming lessons

Her backstroke is really pretty impressive for a 6 year old. And to think that last summer was the first time she willingly put her head under water! We are proud of our girl, for sure. There was talk of recruiting her for the swim team next year.


At the end of the summer we also had a visit from Grandma and Aunt Becky. They spent a week with us, and we had a great time with them.

Though it looks like Ben is trying to smack her in the face, the kids actually LOVE their Grandma!

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The Stums said...

Whew, I'm so glad you caught up, but now I'm worn out. I think when you smash it all together in pictures in one place, it seems like so much more.

Way to go swimmy Claire. Swimming seems to be one Luke's favorite sports as well. Hmmm...