Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some of us were more ready than others

So, my girl started first grade a few weeks ago.

She's been ready for this since school ended last year.

She has inherited my love of buying new school supplies. Nothing is more sacred than the perfect backpack and matching lunchbox.

The dress. The dress. It must be perfect.

She was so excited to learn that nearly all of her classmates from last year are in her class again this year. She is in another combo class of first and second graders, and this seems to be a perfect fit for her.

There's no doubt she is growing up though. No more kindergarten pictures with mom at her new desk. No sir.

I just barely managed this one from the doorway.

I walked away, and while the tears threatened to flow, I was able to keep it under control this year.

Guess mom's growing up too.

Or not.

Because my girl wasn't the only one going to school this year.

I'm sorry. But, there is just not a cuter "first day of preschool" picture in existence.

He was SO proud to be going to school like his big sister.

But, he was just a little concerned that he would miss me too much. In fact, some days leading up to it all, he told me he would rather just stay at home with me. I was very tempted to let him.


But never fear. When I picked him up after that first day, he came running out of the door.

Mommy! I had so much fun, and I didn't even care about you!


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