Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Hair" today . . . Gone tomorrow!

So we finally bit the bullet and took Ben to have his hair cut. Despite being in love with his sweet little wisps and curls, we were tired of people asking if he is a boy or a girl. I really wanted to wait longer, as I knew that once his hair was cut, my sweet little baby would look all grown up. Sure enough, he looks like he's ready for kindergarten now! OK, not quite maybe, but it's still a little sad. Here are before and after pictures.

I wanted to get a picture during the actual haircut, but he threw a fit. I ended up sitting in the chair myself with him on my lap. He still wasn't having any of it until the hairdresser gave him a sucker. Then he calmed down and didn't make a peep for the rest of the time . . . a bit like a lamb led to slaughter. :-)


Kelly said...

I love it! He does look like a little man now! So CUTE!!!
I don't know how you stand it!

mstum said...

Way to go, Ben! He looks so cute! For Luke it was the cape that sent him over the edge. He refused to wear it, so he looked part sheepdog every time we left the hairdresser.

Teresa said...

I am just finding your site and I love it!! He is adorable!!!! Even cuter with the haircut. I had the very same problem with my youngest ( now 14 ), he had so many curls, and since I only had boys I wanted to enjoy it. I would dress him in smocked (boys:)) outfits and the whole nine yards, but alas, at age 2 his dad said the hair had to go because strangers told us what a beautiful little girl we had.

Teresa from Alabama