Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tweetsie Railroad

Being the brave and adventurous parents that we are, Shawn and I decided to load up the kids and take the 2 hour drive to the mountains to visit The Tweetsie Railroad. Tweetsie is a kid's theme park with rides, games, shows, etc. It all centers around the steam engine that is coal fueled and runs the circuit of the park every 30 minutes. The kids had so much fun, and it was really fun to see how excited they were about it all, especially Claire. She was talking 90 miles an hour nearly the whole time we were there.

Riding the "horses."

He was so excited to "bive" the cars, and was furious with me when I had to take over the wheel after we had spent the first half of the ride scraping the side railing.
Yes, we did take Ben up in the Ferris Wheel. I know, we are insane, but he LOVED it. I thought I was going to hurl, but as soon as the ride stopped, he started yelling "more ride, more ride."

Claire loves the flying rides, but Ben's favorite was probably the boat ride, as you can see by his face below. They fought over the bell on the boat for the first half of the ride until Ben figured out he could just ring the one behind him. Then, all was good.

There's a bad glare in this picture, but Ben's face cracks me up. Can you tell he was having fun???

Panning for gold - no luck.

On the train.
Ben imitating his sister's reaction whenever the train would blow its whistle.

Where we felt our kids belonged at the end of the day. Just kidding . . . sort of!


Kelly said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!
The kids are soooo cute!

Kathy said...

The expressions on the kids face say it all! They had a wonderful day! I'm glad they got to experience it.

BTW...I don't think there were any dinosaurs in Hawadi.

love you all!