Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Fun Weekend

I've been waiting for Sarah Fletcher to get married for almost as long as she has. Ok, maybe not quite that long, but knowing that I would get to spend one night with my college friends, reminiscing and relaxing has really kept me going lately, even during those days a few weeks ago when I was cleaning up puke for several days! Thankfully, she got married in Asheville, only a 2 1/2 hour drive for me and a sort of "half-way point" between where she (Sarah) is working, where her husband is working, and where her friends and family are. It was just like old times - getting ready with my friends while crowded in front of one mirror, all crammed in one bed while listening to Merica hack and cough all night long, and telling stories and laughing.

I think we look pretty darn good for 32 year old women with 8 children among us . . . most of those provided by Andrea!

Edward and Rachel's youngest, Harper, was the honorary flower girl. She looked like a sweet little cupcake in her dress and tiara-adorned headband. She is teeny and petite and has beautiful, huge blue eyes. She reminds a bit of Claire at that age.

I love this picture. Teddie, Sarah's mother, walked her down the aisle. They were both so beautiful, and their nearly identical smiles really portray just how special the day was.

Rachel was the Matron of Honor and Abby, the Maid of Honor. Their cousin, Marisa was the other bridesmaid. They were all beautiful in their soft pink dresses, and the wedding location could not have been more perfect. It was probably the prettiest wedding I've ever seen. Rachel was the wedding coordinator, and she really outdid herself.

We had a blast at the reception. The food was delicious, the music was great, and we had fun dancing and laughing at everyone else dancing too.

Sarah and Alex dancing. Who would have thought that hardcore, athletic, tomboy Sarah would have had such a girly wedding, but it was. She was beautiful and watching her tear up during her first dance with her new husband made me a little misty eyed too.

Here we are, morning after, just before we leave to return to our respective homes and families. Man, I miss these girls, more than they know. It was so good to see them!!


Rachel said...

What a sweet blog about the wedding. I think you did a better job of explaining it than I did. Yeah I just today got a pic of the 4 of us. Since I didn't have any pics of my own I've been waiting to get everyone else's. So glad you were there!

Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great time! You look so nice. I'm sure it was a great change of pace to get dressed up, make-up on, and only have adult talk.
Glad you got a chance to go!!
It was good to see Rachel again. I haven't seen her in probably 20 years. She looks the same!!

Travis Johnson said...

How sweet. Makes me wanna sing Proudly... :). You guys look awesome. I am so jealous of the girl time. I need some!


mstum said...

Aw, shucks, Homer! I miss you so much, too! Move your behind to Cleveland, dang it.

I am laughing really hard at you and the "no arm" pose!