Friday, May 1, 2009

More Easter Pics - lots of pics

I've had these on my camera for awhile now, obviously, and just keep forgetting to post them. So, now, unfortunately, there's more than anyone really wants to look at all in one post, but lazy me just isn't up to separating them into individual posts. So, deal! :-)

These first few pictures were taken at Claire's preschool egg hunt.
She found a ton - was the only one smart enough to walk the fence line.

What Ben was doing while Claire was hunting eggs.

"Any more out there?"

Grandma came to visit the week prior to Easter.

My mom sent us these beautiful tulips for Easter. They were gorgeous and lasted for a long time.

We took the kids to yet another egg hunt in town. This is Ben waiting for the "go" signal. I asked him to show me a happy face, and this is what I got.

There's the real happy face.

Watching the Easter Bunny on stage

Easter morning

Showing off her Easter Finery

Handsome Boy, and he knows it.

Family Picture - attempt 1

Attempt #2

Claire took this picture of Shawn and me

Sweet face

All done - whew!

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Andrea said...

Okay,I am totally digging your hair cut and Claire's. You guys are too cute. I like the family Easter pics.