Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strawberry Time

Claire (I swear she has the memory of an elephant) has been begging to go strawberry picking for the last two years. I took her when she was 2, and she remembers it quite vividly. Last year's planned picking expedition was foiled by a nasty bout with the stomach flu for the entire family which ended in a hospital visit for Ben and nearly one for Claire too - fun times - NOT!!

This year, however, we were determined to make it to the fields and maybe create some new memories for her and for Ben.

Found a good one!

Ben was insistent on carrying his own bucket, and for the about the first 10 minutes, he was actually doing a pretty good job picking berries and filling his bucket . . .

. . . that is, until he realized he could eat the berries. This is pretty much how he spent the rest of our time there. For each berry in his bucket, at least two went into his mouth, along with some dirt, various pesticides and no doubt a bug or two. YUM!

We came home with 4 gallons of strawberries!!!! Anybody want some jam???

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