Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ohio Summer Trip 2010

Seeing that school starts tomorrow, I have finally realized that I have absolutely no more time to procrastinate on these summer posts. I need to get them up here because I'll have some first day of school pics to post soon.

I was considering just jumbling them all together in one big long post, but finally decided that wouldn't be very nice - for you or me. So, I am going to divide them up a bit, but I fear that any semblance of my usually witty remarks (just pretend) will be kept at a minimum this time around. :-)

Every summer, we make an effort to brave the long car trip in order to visit our family in Ohio. Really, apart from the car riding, everyone looks forward to this trip all year. It does get a little difficult since both of our families live there, and we have lots of people to visit and few days to do it, but we manage to fit it all in.

Another reason for our June visit this year was a Ridgeville school reunion for me. This reunion had been planned for quite some time, and I was really hoping to see several of my old classmates. Well, so much for that. Only one other girl from my class was there. Any of you old classmates reading this who didn't show up - SHAME! I really was sad that not many from my time there turned out. I was happy to catch up with those students and former teachers who were there though. Unfortunately, ding-dong packed her camera and then promptly forgot to take any pictures.

The reunion was held outside at a park in sweltering heat that apparently hitched a ride north with us, so that afternoon we cooled off at the pool with Nana and Grandpa Dave. My brother Jesse and his kids were there too, so the cousins got to enjoy some pool time together.

Zeke and Claire. Not the most flattering picture of my girl, I fear. Someone should have told her mother to fix the poor girl's goggles. Geesh!

My mom has a picture of me taken at about 2 years of age with pig-tails and a teeny bikini at this exact same pool. Even back in those dark ages, the pool was painted blue and white.
And apparently they are very intent on keeping that color scheme, as the pool was freshly painted just days before it was filled with water and, unfortunately, before the paint was fully dried. Thus, the milky/painty water. Nothing like starting off the summer with a dip in some chemicals!

Ben. Does he or does he not look enormous in this picture? My wittle baby all grown up!

And the three together.

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The Stums said...

Ben is turning into Shawn! I had to look really hard to be sure that was the right child. He's huge! No more baby at all, mama.