Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In which I assure you we are, indeed, still alive

So, it's been nearly three months since my last post. Definitely a record for me, and for the one of you (hey Claudia!) who actually noticed the absence, never fear, we are still alive. I just wanted to take a bit of a summer break from the blog.

Well, actually, the break also had something to do with the fact that I have really been wanting to upload some video, but because of some computer issues - which I could describe, but which would be totally boring - I've been unable to do that.

I've been really bummed about that because getting these short little snapshots of the kids at different times in their lives is important to me. Important because they also provide for some serious comic relief. The kids get a kick out of seeing themselves at younger ages too. Their favorite videos of late include the award winning "Um, No" and the ever hilarious "Papa Dud(ie)." You should check them out.

Really, you should. Because you certainly won't get any video in this post. Which is a crying shame because watching my girl dance across the stage in all her ballerina/perfectionist glory is really something to behold. Can't remember the next step? No problem, Claire will remind you. And if, for some strange reason, you don't think to look at her, she will stop dancing and wave her hands around to get your attention.

I know. You're just dying to see it, right?

Well sorry, Charlie.

You'll just have to make do with these two shots:


And, post-performance on the stage

And now, since I've caught you up on this momentous occasion that occurred all the way back in June, I might actually get my act together and post some more about more recent(ish) summer events.
We'll see.

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The Stums said...

You know it warms my heart in every way that Claire takes ballet. I really appreciate you raising my daughter-in-law with such care. I promise to let her have all control of the wedding details. Promise.