Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Sweaty Dad's Day

Want to hear a funny story? It goes like this . . .

Once upon a time there lived a little family who, in attempts to escape the sweltering, insta-sweaty days of a NC summer, decided to hop in the car and travel north for some cooler days and time with their extended family. Their family was thrilled to see them, and while the weather wasn't quite as cool and comfortable as hoped for, they were reconciled with the knowledge that air conditioning would solve any sweat related issues.

And then . . .

A sweltering, insta-sweaty front rolled in and, AND the A.C. BROKE!

But no, no worries, never fear, it can just be fixed, right? Oh, no dear family, it must be replaced and replacement would not take place until, UNTIL . . . THE END OF THE WEEK.

Cue the sweat.

All I can say, is thank the Lord for ceiling fans.

Thus, while I was thrilled to actually get to spend Father's Day with MY dad for the first time in a long time, the above story will serve to explain any and all shiny faces in the following pictures.

Dad and Me

All the cousins. This succession of pictures cracks me up. Pay attention to Kayli (2nd from left) and Zeke (red hair in middle).

This one is hilarious.

Want to hear another funny story? The AC wasn't working properly at my dad's church either.

The muggy air must be to blamed for the look on Zach's face in this shot. Because, seriously, there is just no other reason for anyone to EVER look like this.

But, the AC was working just dandy at the restaurant we all trooped to to celebrate Dad's day with our dad.

Zach at the "kid's table." Please notice the pained looks on both Ben and Zeke's faces. This is what happens when you tell a 3 and 4 year old to say "cheese."

Posing with their daddy.

SueAnne and Dad

And so . . . the mommy and daddy of the little family decided to spend a lovely night away from their kiddos to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in the same hotel as their wedding night.

And guess what?

The AC was broke.

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Andrea said...

Laughing a lot. Cute story.