Thursday, October 30, 2008

Allergist's Report

I know a blog post isn't nearly as interesting when there aren't pictures involved, but I wanted to get an update about Ben on here while I had a minute to spare.

After nearly two years of dealing with severe GERD, more medication than you could imagine, and a long time of just not knowing what was going on, we finally decided to take him to the allergist to determine, once and for all, if he was allergic to any foods.

This decision was not made lightly, as I had heard horror stories from friends about all the scratch test they do on the back. I don't think it "hurts" per se, but it certainly isn't comfortable, and little ones usually don't like it very much. There was also the possibility of them having to do some trans dermal tests (like that awful TB test where they shoot liquid in your arm and it bubbles up). I've had that before, and that one DID really hurt.

So, after discussing our worries with the doctor, she had him tested for 10 different food allergies, and several common environmental ones. The results?? ALL NEGATIVE!!! He didn't react to a single thing, not even slightly. And, to give my little guy some credit, he didn't cry one time. He said "ouch" when they pressed the panels to his back, squirmed a little, looked like he might cry, but that was it. The hardest part was not letting him touch his back during the test.

While we are thrilled that he isn't allergic, I am fairly certain that there are some foods to which he is still intolerant. Unfortunately, there is no test for this, so we'll just have to do some trials on our own. But we are very thankful that we don't really have to worry about what he eats. The doctor did say she wanted us to wait until he is 3 to do peanuts or tree nuts, and she fully expected him to develop environmental allergies as he got older.

The skin rash that he has on his arms and legs has also had us worried, but she identified it as a "cousin to eczema," but not likely a reaction to anything he's eating. So, she gave us some new cream to try.

She also talked with Shawn about his bee and wasp allergies and really encouraged him to start coming in for shots because they have great success desensitizing people to that. This would mean that Shawn wouldn't have to carry that Epi pen around anymore, and he could breathe easier during those warm months.

So, all in all, a good day. Ben is a healthy boy!!


Kelly said...

Glad to hear he is doing so great! I'm sure you feel much better as well!!!

babydoc1030 said...

Naomi, It amazes me how closely your family's life parallels ours. We have a five year old little girl, Camdyn Claire, and Charlie who is almost two. Charlie just got allergy tested last week because we were worried about some food allergies. Too bad we are separated by so many miles, we would have some fun play dates!
Alethea (Johns) Allen