Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Corn Maze!!

I've wanted to visit a corn maze for a long time. You know, put my orienteering skills (thanks SIE visit to the Lakes District) to work, and see how well we could do finding our way through the maze. Winding one's way through a corn maze with two small children, however, doesn't really allow for much beyond making sure that no one gets lost or suffers from a cornstalk related flesh wound.

This particular maze in Yadkinville was sponsored by an adult rehabilitation program that was located on the same farm. For a reasonable entrance fee, we went through the Noah's ark themed maze, played various games, went on a hayride and visited the pumpkin patch. It really ended up being a great day.

Claire and Ben at the entrance to the maze
To track our progress through the maze, we were provided with a map and a chart that we filled with the animal stamps that were hidden in various spots throughout the maze. The picture below was taken at one of the stamping stations.

Ben had had enough of the endless cornstalks after about 20 minutes, so Shawn took him to play games while Claire and I continued to hunt for the remaining stamps to fill our chart. We found them all and even managed to find our way out again.

They had a cornstalk village built around a mock campfire. Ben peeked inside one of the cornstalk tee pees and said, "ew, too sfooky (spooky)."

Here Claire is attempted to race her rubber duckie by pouring water down the slide.

Yes, she's milking the cow.

On the hayride

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Kelly said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I can't wait to take my kiddos this year! We missed the pumpkin patch last year and I was sooooo disappointed. Good family fun!