Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Claire - Build and Grow

I recently heard about this great program that Lowe's offers to kids and their families. Their "Build and Grow" program is a little person version of their weekend workshops for adults. Instead of learning how to tile your kitchen floor or install a new shower head, kids get to work on a building project with their parents. It's a totally free program that provides each child with a toy kit, goggles, and a work apron. Children are even awarded a certificate and a patch to sew on their backpacks once they complete that day's project.

I wasn't sure Claire would go for this, knowing how sensitive she is to loud noises - surely the hammering would have been a bit deafening - but Shawn took Claire to one of the workshops, and she was totally thrilled about getting to build her own wooden firetruck. Her great-grandfather, Bud, would be proud.

How hilarious are those goggles?

She's looking forward to building a wooden pumpkin face in a few weeks!

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