Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dixie Classic Fair

The Dixie Classic Fair comes to Winston-Salem every fall, and despite the fact that admission and ride costs leave one feeling as though their finances have been brutally violated, we still look forward to it every year. It's a HUGE fair complete with livestock, live animal shows (we saw pig races, swimming pigs and a bear this year), rides and the inevitable fair food. I mean where else can one buy a turkey leg for $8 that will feed an entire family, and then enjoy a dessert of fried candy bars? Yes, I said, fried.

Generally we try to go in the middle of the week when it's possible to bypass the admission price if you bring non-perishable food items for a local shelter ministry. But this year, it rained that day, so we ended up going on Saturday morning. The weather was perfect, and we had lots of fun. Ben was still a little small to ride all the rides he wanted, but he was fairly content with the merry-go-round, the ponies, and the choo-choo train.

Shawn had to ride this one with them. It was one of those round and round rides that would have made me puke.

Hmmm... maybe he's about to puke too.

Ben was super excited to ride his pony, "Andy." He talked about Andy for the rest of the night.

Claire's first pony ride was at this exact fair when she was two years old. She rode a pony called "Midnight," and ever since then, she wants to ride the same horse. This year she was amazed to discover that Midnight had grown! Um, well, let's just say the old Midnight was really, really old.

Ben loves to drive the rides.
Claire was a little nervous about the bumper cars, so she refused to drive, but by the end of the ride, she was laughing hysterically whenever we crashed into someone.
Claire is in the front seat of the plane.

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