Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My landscaping family

Being that Shawn works for a landscaping company, one would think that our lawn would be a velvety green, lush carpet and our house landscaped with the loveliest shrubs and flowers. Well, wrong. I guess it's true that most people don't want to come home and continue the work that they've been doing all day. Ergo, hairdresser's hair.

Now, let me say, that our yard has come a VERY long way from the barren wasteland that it was when we first moved in. Indeed, Shawn has planted umpteen tress and shrubs from the surplus at work, but it's definitely a work in progress. This work continued this past weekend, when Shawn created a planting bed around the mailbox and driveway. Being the "helpers" that they are, and since Claire plans on one of her various future vocations to include landscaping, the kids decided to get some landscaping practice, and they joined their dad.

Shawn was a good sport about accepting all the "help" he was getting.

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