Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Other December Randomness

I just realized that I had several pictures on the computer about which I never blogged, so I wanted to make sure that they got on here. I do admit, however, that it's a bit odd to be including pictures of Santa Clause in a January post, but oh well.

For the first time this year, we traveled north to Pilot Mountain to a private home that goes ALL OUT with their Christmas light decorations. Actually, it's more than just lights. They have an animated singing Christmas tree, a snow making machine, lights that flash to music, mechanical Christmas decorations, hot chocolate, and tons, tons more. Shawn heard about this place through a co-worker, and we were totally impressed by the display. This family has been doing this for many years and they don't charge a penny. It will definitely be on the list of yearly traditions from now on.

We were lucky enough to come the weekend that Santa was there, and, for the first time EVER both my kids actually sat on Santa's lap.

Considering that last year, Claire couldn't even look in the direction of the Santa display at the mall last year without freaking out, this was a HUGE step for her.
I'm actually proud of the fact that my children are no longer afraid of a fat, hairy man in a red suit who wants little kids to sit on his lap.
Something's wrong with me.


Claire's kindergarten class also celebrated with a class Christmas party.

What is it about this age? Apparently, she is unable to refrain from making goofy faces at the camera.

Their party included a lively game of "Pin the Body Parts on the Snowman."
Here's Claire during her turn. Please notice there is no snowman in the picture. She originally tried to put the parts on her teacher's assistant and finally, after much help, was moved to the right and got it somewhere near the actual snowman.

Her classmates thought it was hilarious.
She, however, was mortified.
But, she perked up a bit when the rest of the kids tried to incite laughter by copying her and sticking the pieces on their teacher too.

That's my girl: the accidental trendsetter. :-)

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