Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ben's Girlfriend

Ben's got a girlfriend.

He's three.

I'm trying to deal with it.

Pass the Valium please.

Here they are at K's birthday party:

Are they not the cutest Cinderella and Prince Charming you ever did see?

Even in the group shot, they were sure to stand next to each other.

And when K came over to play, Ben was so happy, he even agreed to play with the dollhouse.
Now that's true love.

But, he tired of that soon enough and got out the Lego's. K was happy with the Barbies.

Uh, oh. Time for nap

Um . . .
No, no kids. We nap in separate beds!


Tanya Sue said...

Are you corrupting my daughter? Love the pics.

Rachel said...

How cute!

Emily said...

Too cute and funny! Looks like you have a ladies man in the making. I can definitely relate :)