Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

I am fully aware that any interest in pictures from our Christmas 2009 has probably waned quite significantly by now, but it's my blog and I'll blog late if I want to! :-)

Actually, I have several posts to write about various occurrences from December that I will have to post even after this one. So, I'm actually breaking all sorts of organizational, chronological rules, here, but that's okay, right? Really, you should be proud of me.

So, instead of breaking down the week into separate days, I just loaded (dumped) all the pictures into this post. No doubt, unless you are a grandparent, you will become bored quickly.

It's okay. I'll never know.

So, let's get this party started . . .

We generally spend Christmas Eve with Shawn's side of the family and open gifts at that time, but because Shawn's brother and his wife were with her family at that time, the kids only opened 2 gifts that night and saved the rest for Sunday.

Here's Claire expressing her Christmas cheer.
Don't ask me. She's 6. Six-year-olds do stuff like this sometimes.

And on Christmas morning we were at my dad's. And look what Santa brought Benjamin.
Yes, another train.

And though he was super excited about his new train, Santa had some serious competition because Uncle Zach scored big by getting him the Cars movie.
I think he would sleep with that movie if he could (if he actually slept)

Christmas Chaos. The best kind of chaos there is.

Christmas evening was spent at my mom's house. Here's Uncle Seth watching his daughter, Kayli open her Zhu-Zhu pet.

Claire is either jealous or frightened.

Claire got one too!

Zach and his son, Noah.

The girls. Tristyn, Kayli, and Claire.
Is it just me, or does Kayli look a little drunk here? No more eggnog for you, young lady. Just kidding.

Jesse and Shonda.
Jesse with his mouth open - a very common occurrence.

My littlest nephew, Noah (a.k.a. "petri-dish")
This cute little booger spread some serious Christmas charm while he was with us, Christmas charm AND a frightfully nasty stomach virus. Two days after we saw him, me, Zach, Jesse, dad, and eventually mom and Dave all came down with one of the worst viruses I've had in a long time. Thanks Noah. Love you kid, but I'm bringing my HazMat suit next time.
One plus. I lost my Christmas weight!

The cousins!
Ben, Tristyn, Noah, Kayli, Zeke, and Claire

And Sunday found us all prepared to watch the Bengals game.

Little Ben. Huge Uncle Jesse.

While everyone else was watching the game, Ben tried out his new Lightening McQueen remote control car.

And Zeke . . .
Well, I'm not exactly sure what he is doing in the photo, but he sure looks guilty. I'm guessing there is at least one piece of purloined Christmas candy in that mouth.

Enjoying the game.

Little boys playing with new Christmas toys.

And then on Sunday night, we went back to Grandma's house to open presents with her and Pa-paw (Shawn's dad), Uncle Jeff and Aunt Allison. Unfortunately, this is when the first of the stomach virus made its presence known, so I spent the majority of the evening in the bathroom and moaning in agony in the back bedroom. Consequently, Shawn was in charge of the camera for that night.

Cutie new dress!

Yea! for my new train set!
(Also known as the "see my neck?" pose)

The kids with Grandma.

And with Paw-paw.

And while I'm sure you nearly sick of all the pictures you just viewed (if you even made it this far), I'm actually more than a little bummed about all the pictures that I didn't take. I really wanted some pictures of the whole families, some of my mom and Dave and some of Jeff and his wife Allison. Not sure what happened there, but I dropped the ball on the whole picture taking front.
I'll just blame the evil stomach virus for that. Really, it was evil. It deserves to be blamed for something at least.


The Fab 4 said...

It looked like a very merry Christmas. Virus, however. yuck.

Vanessa said...

I'd love to hear what other tricks I can try with Atticus. Please feel free to send any and all :) The doc put him on zantac for reflux, but i think it's more of a digestive issue... thanks!!!