Monday, January 25, 2010

The Great Snow of 2009

Because it's nearly 60 degrees outside and my forsythia bushes look like they may start blooming next week, I thought it high time for a post about . . . SNOW!

Perfect timing, right?

Actually, I think it is perfect timing because 60 degrees in January is just plain ridiculous, and here's hoping my post will bring along some more of that cold white stuff.

These pictures were actually taken last month during what we all now refer to as, "The Great Snow of December 2009." Catchy title, eh?

Anywho, the storm came the night of Claire's last day of school before the holiday break, so it was perfect.

These first few pictures are taken the night while it was still coming down.

Doesn't it look like Ben is a superhero, running so fast? I would love for you all to think that I actually had something to do with the cool, special effects in this picture. The truth, however, is that I absolutely did not.

This picture is further evidence of my (sad) photography skills. Sorry, Claire.

Ah, this one's better.

Put that snowball down, young lady!!

Ben was in snow heaven. He told me the other day that he wished it would snow again because:
"That's my favorite kind of weather."

The obligatory snow angel attempts:

The rest of these were taken the next day, after the snow had stopped.
Claire is modeling next to the ruler to show just how much snow we got.

Nearly 8", pretty impressive for NC, huh?

And then there's this one:
Lucky for her, she was able to mostly walk on top of the snow. Every so often she would fall through and then would hop like a bunny to get out.
We laughed.


And the best part:

What a good lookin' snowman!

Now, bring on more SNOW!

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