Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby G

We were lucky enough to host a little visitor for one day last week and again today. Baby G has to be one of the sweetest little guys I have ever seen. Seriously, if I could guarantee that any successive babies of my own would turn out like him and not the the fire-breathing, puke hurling, screaming infants we seem to produce around here, I would be really tempted to have one or a dozen more.

I'll just let you scroll through the cuteness.

I took these last week:

Ben has never seemed so big in his life. Ben called Baby G, "Little Fella," and he was enamored with the little guy at first until he learned the very disappointing fact that G was not actually big enough to play trains with him. He got over it. Mostly.

I was slightly concerned when, upon hearing G crying because I was changing his diaper, Ben suggested that "we just put that fella in the garage." Hmmm . . . .

Claire was not at all happy that she had to go to school and miss out on all the baby fun. This morning she said, "Oh Mom, the top of his head smells sooo good!" Yep, she's a female. :-)

And I took the rest of these today:

How hilarious is that face?

Don't know why, but this last one's my favorite.

Thanks, Sarah for letting us borrow your little guy. We had so much fun loving on him!

And I promise. We never put him in the garage. :-)

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The Fab 4 said...

Such a doll, that Baby G. He is a great mix of his parents. I didn't get to see him when they were here last, so I'm glad someone has gotten some good cuddle time with him.