Friday, February 26, 2010

In Honor of My Cavity Free Mouth

Oh me, oh my. How I cannot wait to share this little gem with you. First, some background.

Part of Claire's kindergarten curriculum this month includes a unit on "Your Healthy Body," and last week, they focused on dental care. Claire's been going to the dentist since she was three, so she has been well-versed in dental hygiene and how to avoid the devilish "sugar bugs." She came home with some floss and a new toothbrush and talked about the hygienist who visited their class, and that was it.

Until earlier this week when she declared that she was going to write AND illustrate a book and "please, mommy, I want this published, so could you do that for me?"
Um, sure dear. Just let me get Penguin Press on the line.

After much debate and much commentary like - "boy, this writing books stuff is hard. Does it take famous authors a long time to write books? Man, this is going to be good. You are going to get it published, right?" - She decided on a book about teeth.

And, because I just got home from the dentist myself and was declared "cavity free," (wahoo!) I am itching to share my daughter's very first book with the world.

After all, putting it on the blog is just about like getting it published, right??

Please, sit back, relax, and try to contain your laughter (good luck with that).

I will translate the story for you underneath each picture. Her words in blue.

"Germs in Your Teeth" By Claire Black

I know the picture is a bit frightening, but you have to give the girl some credit. With a nose that small, it only makes sense that the mouth would be that big. The girl's got to breathe somehow!

Germs in Your Teeth

The Title Page - how's that for formal?

This story is about someone that had a cavity.

A wide-open mouth and a few black teeth. Uh-oh!

One day I had a cavity.

I saw in the mirror and saw sugar bugs biting through my teeth.

Those little black spots on the upper teeth = sugar bugs.

Then one of them said to me, "na, na, na, na, na . . . "
I believe this is a picture of the sugar bug and the na, na's coming out of the person's mouth???

"There's nothing you can do."
Nothing you can do, baby. Just X out that mouth!

And I said yes there is.
That would be a light bulb on top of her head, people, not some weird ice-cream shaped growth.

And I brushed my teeth.
Grrrrr !

The germ that first spoke to me said, maybe there is (something you could do)
See the germ and his word bubble???

Germ still talking - I better go warn my friends now.
See all his little black spotted friends??

But it was too late. I won the game.
Because winning the game is all that matters, baby.

I'm telling you, it's destined to be on the top seller list for sure.

At the very least, I'm keeping this till it's old and falling apart. And then I'm still keeping it.

It's my very favorite book for sure.


Kay Windsor said...

Congratulations, Claire, on your very first published book! I'm impressed with the story line, the illustrations and the text! What a great book! (I'm glad the main character knew how to make the sugar bugs disappear.)

Lynn said...

Dear Claire, Yours is the most original book I've read in a while. Sugar bugs are VERY hard to slay; I'm glad that you won the battle.

Kelly said...


You know you can REALLY get that made into a book. I made a book of some of Isabelle's art work so I (could) throw the originals away. I said could because I still haven't done it yet! hehe

The Fab 4 said...

That's a keeper for sure. When she's at a big fancy book signing in NYC, you'll need to break this out to remind her of the early days.

And may I comment on the penmanship? Her letters look so much better than Luke's. He can find no value in slowing down to form letter correctly. If I got it right, what difference does it make?