Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make New Friends . . .

I was a Brownie . . . you know, the littlest group of Girl Scouts? Those cute little girls with the brown and orange knee socks and Beanie caps? At least that's what they used to wear.

I really have no idea how I got involved in that program since I attended a small private school at the time, but my parents must have thought it would be a good fit. Either that or I saw the snazzy Brownie outfits that some of the older girls were sporting during my one year foray into the public school system (kindergarten), and I decided that I simply must, MUST be a Brownie too. I mean, brown and orange knee socks! What could be better?

I don't remember too much about my Brownie experience; though, up until about last year, you could probably have found the "sit-up-on" mat that I wove out of newspaper and covered in vinyl in my dad's house, and I still have my Brownie pin. I never did get the snazzy Brownie outfit, a fact I'm sure was torment to my grade-school self, but I do remember enjoying myself.

We went on various field trips, learned how to tie some serious knots, cooked, camped, sold large amounts of cookies door-to-door with my red wagon, and experienced my one and only up close and personal experience with a tick. Yes, a tick. It was horrifying and life-altering, as any experience with a blood sucking insect that burrows into your body should be. Amen.

For whatever reason (I'm thinking it was largely due to the tick experience), I decided to quit Brownies right when I should have moved up into Girl Scouts. But, as fate would have it, my Girl Scout experience is far from over, but now I'm the parent of a Girl Scout. Or, actually, she's a Daisy Scout. They are the littlest of the little Girl Scouts, Kindergarten and First Graders.

Claire actually started asking me about Girl Scouts this past summer, so I tried to find a local troop but had no luck. However, one of the mothers at her school also wanted her daughter to be involved, so she jumped through all the hoops required to start a new troop in the area.

Her troop is brand new; they just started meeting in January, and right now, they only have 5 girls. But, Claire is having a great time.

Here they all are at their first ceremony where they all received their Brownie pins and their first Daisy patch.

"On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country. To help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout law."

My proud little Daisy Scout.

Each meeting they learn more about the Girl Scout law, play games, make crafts, AND . . .

have a snack.

She's enjoying herself, and I hope she sticks with it longer than her mother did.

Hopefully, no ticks get in the way.

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