Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Like to Pick out New Paint?

Cause I don't.

Let me clarify that. I actually love to go to the store, sort through all the gorgeous paint chips and imagine those lovely colors on my walls.

What I hate about the process is when the paint that I loved on the little bitty paint chip goes up on the wall, and I realize in about 15 seconds that the color is hideous, is nothing like I thought it would be, and, oh. my. gosh. it's the exact color of our circa 1980's faux wood cabinets.

This process has happened at least once for every room in our house.

It is frustrating. I would say that it is also exhausting, but that might be stretching it a bit since Shawn is usually the one to do the majority of the painting. I just stand back and say critical things.

He loves it, let me tell you.

So, since painting our house has never been a pleasurable experience for either of us, you can understand why it has taken us about 9 years to finally decide that yes it is really time to take down that awful green and brown vine boarder and paint our living room.

Problem is, we are gun shy. Or, I guess I should say paint shy. We've narrowed it down to three choices, and now we are stuck.

We thought that buying those little paint cans of paint samples would actually help us make a decision this time. Surely, painting a large portion of the wall in the actual colors would help us make the decision. We could view it in all lights, in our setting, and the choice would be obvious, right?


Um, wrong.

Here is what my living room wall has looked like for the past two going on three weeks.

Do you see my problem? One is just a little too gray, one is just a little on the green side of the nice khaki brown we are shooting for, and the last one just may be too dark. UGH! And before you ask, yes, we've tried to find the "in between" colors, but they just aren't there.

So, here I am, all you paint and decoration aficionados.


And, not that my camera really represents these colors as they truly are, but you get some idea.

The three colors on the top row are the ones on the wall.

Really, I'm so desperate, I think I may actually just close my eyes and point.


Leslie said...

Check out the Benjamin Moore "Historical Colors" palette. Beautiful neutrals - very rich/thick colors. Also, the paint is such great quality, you only need one coat (compared to two with other brands).

Henson Family said...

No way!! What are the odds?! I have used the one on the left (Stonington)in two houses now and still love it. I have that color throughout my living room, hallway, staircase and loft. Almost everywhere but the bedrooms! For me, it has been just a clean fresh neutral color that seems to go with everything. Most people tell me they love the color and one friend and one aunt have used the same color in one of their rooms. One person told me it looked like a "Pottery Barn" color but another person told me it looked a little gray. Sooo - don't pick your color just because I love it (cause I'd feel really bad if you ended up hating it) but just thought it was amazingly odd that of all of the thousands of paint chips - we came up with the same one:) Happy painting! Sheree

The Fab 4 said...

I agree with both these ladies. I've heard rave reviews about Benny Moore, and gray is huge right now. I'm hoping to find a place to use it myself. It looks like a forgiving color, too. Just do it. It'll work out great. :)

Lynn said...

I like the 2nd one down on the left side. I'm always certain about these things; just not always right! Let Sean choose; then it's always his fault.