Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Call me Mother Nature

Seriously. Who would have thought that an innocent post about wishing for snow just last week would prompt the serious winter snow dumping that we had this past weekend? Granted, the storm didn't prove to be quite as big as predicted (12-15"), but I think the 8-9" that we did get is pretty impressive.

The kids were impressed anyway.

They were impressed, until they realized that it was freaking cold outside, and the only thing we can do in snow this deep is walk around and fall down. See evidence below:

They seriously lasted about 5 minutes that first day. The "hot chocolate" cry was quickly sounded, and they came back in.

And then. Then! because being cooped up in the house causes children (and adults) to go a bit crazy, they decided to create their own entertainment:

Talent, I tell ya. Pure talent.

Yesterday, the sun came out and warmed everything up a bit, so they had much more fun playing in all that white stuff.

Claire with some of the neighborhood kids.

And, finally, finally, my southern babies got to experience one of their momma's favorite winter past times:

So, it was a short trip. Who cares. They LOVED it!

Trekking back home. Notice Libby is still able to walk on top of the snow. The kids were breaking through and had a hard time. Shawn ended up carrying Ben.

And, since the white stuff continues to stick around, and since Claire was off school due to the snow, they went back outside today for more snow fun. But they weren't interested in building a snowman, no sir, because building a snowman is, like, so totally last year (seriously, they built one last year - a month ago). Today, they opted for the more mature snow construction of . . .

Snowball fight?

Bring it.


Shaun Hume said...

cute family, you're a lucky lady.

The Fab 4 said...

Claire has a bright future as POF emcee. Banana Head Ben cracks me up for sure. I like those kids, I tell ya.

N, won't you come this way soon? Pleeze??